Affordable and Feature-Rich Walton Laptops for Students and Professionals

Walton is a well-known electronics brand in Bangladesh that offers a variety of laptops at affordable price points. Their laptop lineup caters to students and busy professionals looking for a reliable machine on a budget. Some of their latest models launched in 2024 offer powerful specifications at very reasonable rates.

Walton has refreshed their Tamarind line of laptops with 11th gen Intel processors. The Tamarind MX11 comes with the latest Intel Core i7 or i5 processor along with 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage. Despite the powerful internals, Walton is offering the i7 configuration for only Tk. 91,000 after a 6% discount. The Intel Core i5 model can be purchased for Tk. 66,700, saving you Tk. 4,800. Both laptops feature a 15.6-inch full HD display and lightweight design making them perfect for students and mobile professionals.

For those looking for an even more affordable option, Walton has the Tamarind MX11 with 11th gen Intel Core i3 processor. It packs 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD in the same slim form factor. At just Tk. 53,700 with a 7% price cut, this is an excellent value purchase. Walton also has 10th gen Intel Core i3 and i5 variants in the EX310U Pro series priced between Tk. 45,000-66,700 after discounts.

Moving further down the price ladder, the Tamarind ZX3701A laptop fitted with a 7th gen Intel Core i3 chipset is available for Tk. 35,600 with 6% off. It too has 8GB RAM along with 512GB SSD storage. For an even more affordable notebook, Walton's Prelude series features Intel Pentium Silver and Celeron models from Tk. 26,500. These entry-level machines are suited for basic tasks on a tight budget.

All the Walton laptops offer features like HD webcams, multiple USB ports, HDMI output and long battery life essential for students and professionals. They prove to be powerful performers for daily use from assignments to accounting work. With attractive discounts, powerful specifications and affordable pricing, the Walton laptop range offers excellent value fo