Author: Archana

⁠Furnaces for Energy Materials in india

For the PM, MIM & AM industry we manufacture mesh belt, roller hearth, pusher, walking beam, bell / elevator, retort and continuous band furnaces for debinding, sintering, sinter hardening, sinter... Read More

Nitrocarburising Furnaces in india

For the Heat Treatment Industry, we manufacture mostly continuous furnaces for hardening & tempering, carburising & carbonitriding, nitriding & nitrocarburising, austempering, annealing, normalising, solutionising as well as ovens for drying,... Read More

Traditional indian wear cheenai

From exquisite Sherwanis, Achkans, Jodhpuris and Kurta-pyjamas to exclusive western designer and business suits, LAGAN has the best for every occasion. At LAGAN, innovation is the name of the game... Read More