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CSAT Time, Speed & Distance Module

TSD stands for Time, Speed & Distance. This module is the combination of all chapters where we deal with time and speed related questions. This module covers all related topics... Read More

CSAT Quantitative Aptitude Module

This program is designed for those students who are confident enough on their Reading Comprehension and Reasoning part but want to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude only, as a lot of... Read More

Free UPSC CSAT Study Material and PDFs, Notes

Our commitment to supporting UPSC CSAT Aspirants is evident through our provision of UPSC CSAT free study material, readily available for the benefit of our students. This comprehensive resource includes Downloadable... Read More

UPSC CSAT Previous Year Question Paper with Answer Key

CSAT became a part of the UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2011, marking a significant change from the earlier Preliminary examination format, which consisted of a single paper focusing on... Read More

CSAT Foundation 2024 (Recorded)

This program is ideal for those UPSC Aspirants who are not able to take live classes due to their unavailability, the reason behind that might be the time slot is... Read More