Bal Kalyan- Needy Children that relies on us

Over the years, the idea developed and the seed of free child education became a tree. When other people joined the mission they watered the sapling, nurtured the blooming plant and watched it grow into a tree with strong roots and fruitful branches. VJM over the time specialized in its approach and commenced hitting areas, which required the most attention.
It is often said, and it could not be any more real that, our future lies in the hands of the next generation. It becomes essential for us, to fulfil our duties and give back to society by teaching the young ones. Working as a torchbearer for the underprivileged children in the society, Vishwa Jagriti Mission took initiative for the welfare of the young ones who end up working at a very young age to support their families. Most of the children that VJM adopts and supports are rescued from the evils of rag picking, child labour, domestic violence, illiteracy and what not. It becomes an obligatory duty for society to free such children from the miseries of such life and help them grow as independent citizens. VJM completely supports such children morally, socially, educationally, financially and physically. At VJM, we believe that the young ones are like wet cement; they take an impression of whatever is pressed on them. It is essential for us, the older generations, to redirect them on the right path and to give them the affection and nurturing that they deserve. VJM supports such children not out of sympathy but we because believe that serve deprived humans to serve God. Let us all join hands to mitigate the sufferings of such children.