Children of Silthar by Everett L. R. Asher

"It is a turning point in the history of Ketos. Pitted against one another through the actions of a renegade general by the name of Vorkalth. The empire of Man has already fallen to his heels, and he sets his sights upon the nearby kingdoms of the Elves and the Dwarves.

Meanwhile, across the sea on the island of Urstron, the lizardfolk known as the Skithik are fixing to invade the wounded continent of Ketos, using their vampire slaves as the catalyst for this invasion.

However, a crusade against these false servants of blood is rising. The new Hands of the God of Lineage, Esta Desidarius, and Sana Nailo, shall lead his children and take up their positions as the rulers of the night once more. Yet the question remains: will the Hands be able to defeat the Skithik menace, or will they succumb to the madness of their blessing? Only the shadows that remain can tell their tale…"