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DentaFend works through a carefully designed three-phase mechanism to boost oral health.

First, there is a purge of the body intended to rid out toxic factors affecting the teeth and gums. After thorough and successful experimentation by mixing several combinations, formulation was done using key ingredients such as Bentonite Clay, Flaxseeds, and Oat Bran.

Bentonite clay works something like a molecular sponge, absorbing and neutralizing the accompanying impurities, bacteria, and toxic substances. Flaxseeds fight most of the dangerous toxins found in the blood and, therefore, they are responsible for supporting the process of oral regeneration by fending off dangerous bacteria. The selection of oat bran is done in such a way that, particularly, it stops the gum bleeding and inflammation, thus setting the healing process.

The second stage focuses on repairing the damaged oral structures. Black walnut, apple pectin, prune extract, and psyllium husk are the rich ingredients that carry regeneration.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the black walnut together with the anti-free radicals, and the apple pectin with the prune extract and psyllium husk all together aid in the formation of healthy gums and teeth. The last step then works to protect the oral cavity from further damage through bad bacteria and other foreign invaders that may make the results not as permanent in their nature. Lactobacillus acidophilus has been used for this, therefore, given the reputation for strengthening the immune system. These are the elements carefully picked with purpose: DentaFend treats not just present problems but reinforce mouth defenses toward the maintenance of continued wholesome oral health.