Dog Runs Ireland – In The Market

We provide a wide selection of outdoor dog runs and pens for the Irish market. We have a wide variety of small, middle and big-sized dog runs available to suit all needs and importantly, to suit the Irish market.’s dog runs are all fully galvanized to prevent rust and are low maintenance. At, we offer FREE delivery on the island of Ireland, to get your dog run, pen or kennel right to your doorstep.

All Runs have a 12 month warranty. Guide to Buying Dog Runs and Kennels
Welcome to Ireland’s largest selection of Dog Runs. If you want to buy a Dog Run in Ireland, we have the best value and quality dog runs, pens, and coops for sale in Cork, Dublin…or anywhere. We have been selling quality dog runs for over 12 years. The needs of you and your furry friends will determine which Dog Run is best. The rest is up to you as long as your Dog Run is warm, dry, pleasant, secure against predators, and has enough space for your dog(s)