Insurance Claim Processing
Insurance Claim Processing Services
Claim Processing Excellence at Your Service
For the purpose of deciding the validation of claims, the process that serves high importance for insurance firm’s operation is claim processing.
This serves as the integral part that helps in easy processing of claims. Responsive services are highly important all through the process for retention of customers.
This makes claim processing all the more important for businesses. In this case, Evertech BPO serves as the best solution offering reliable claim processing services with the team of accomplished professionals.
The firms can conveniently handle the claims and offer on time response to clients with our services and save huge on costs and time.
Our Services
At Evertech BPO, we offer below listed Insurance Claim Processing Services such as: –
*HCFA Processing – HCFA1500
*CMS 1500 Insurance
*UB92/Uniform Billing/HCFA1450
*Life insurance claim processing
*Dental insurance claim processing
*Auto insurance claim processing
*Health insurance claim processing
*General insurance claim processing
*Investigating and eliminating the fraud.
*Verifying the claim forms
*Insurance claim setup
*Insurance claim eligibility and estimation
*Miscellaneous (Complex/Non standard)
*All type of application processing
*Examination of all types of insurance claims
*Validation and verification of all types of insurance claims
*Customer service process management
*All types of payments and checks are processed from Insurance companies
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