The dehydration or drying of garlic is used for its preservation. The keeping quality of food materials is greatly influenced by their water contents. Garlic powder is used in tomato soups, canned soups, meat products etc. It is also used in sausages, hamburger and salami to give the typical flavour of garlic. As our country is rich in producing fruits and vegetables the foreign neighboring countries require these products in bulk.

Garlic Dehydration plant is a dedicated equipment developed base on the traditional band dryer. It has the characteristic of just pertinence, practical applicability and high energy utilization rate, can be used in dehydrating and drying the vegetables, medicinal materials and fruits grow in variety of districts and seasons.

We are the most experienced dehydrated garlic drying equipment manufacturing enterprise now in INDIA, our scientific and technical personnel follow-up service our customers in the long term, go deep into them to research and develop the equipment. Until now, we have developed the third generation of TSG series dehydrated garlic drying equipment.

We manufacture according to the different characters of drying materials customers need and technological requirements, we design and manufacture the most suitable dry equipment with the best quality combined with years of the experience.