Garlic peeler machine is use to remove skin on the garlic clove.garlic peeler machine use in hotel and other commercial food processing business.

Garlic peeler machine is capacity wise available 50kg 100kg per hour.

Garlic peeler machine is use to remove skin for garlic clove. This machine make in Stainless steel. This machine use for home and small business.

Technical Details

Modal : APS GW100.

Application : Garlic.

Capacity : 50kg 100kg.

Power : 2 HP.

Size : 100mm length, 75mm Width, 150mm Height.

Warranty : 1 year.


This is wet type garlic machine.
this peeler is Round hopper to peel garlic.
This machine with use Water and use garlic bulb breaker machine.
Garlic plant total two machine.
(1) peeler and (2)bulb breaker.

Demo Machine

Garlic cloves contain thin outer skins for protecting the body. but before it is used as food, the outer skins must be removed.

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Dry Garlic peeling machine

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This is home and commercial business. peeled garlic requirement in hotel, home and food processing industries. Garlic is available 365 day in market and use of peeled garlic 365day.

Garlic produce state is Gujarat, Madhya pradesh, Rajastan and Maharastra in India.