Green Card Bound? Your Guide to Education Evaluations (Free!)

Dreaming of a green card but earned your degree abroad? You're not alone! Many immigrants need an "Education Evaluation" to prove their foreign education matches U.S. standards. This free guide explains everything you need to know!

Why Education Evaluations Matter:

Green card applications require proof you have the education and skills to succeed in the U.S. USCIS needs to ensure your foreign degrees match U.S. expectations. Here's how an evaluation helps:

Equivalence Check: It shows your foreign education is equal to a U.S. degree (e.g., Bachelor's degree).
Stronger Application: By providing this evidence, you strengthen your chances of approval.

Understanding the Process:

Education evaluations involve getting a report from a reputable agency. They analyze your foreign transcripts and diplomas to determine their U.S. equivalent. There are different types of evaluations:

Foreign Degree Evaluation: Assesses your entire degree (diploma and transcripts)

Transcript Evaluation: Focuses specifically on the coursework completed