Hidden Startup Secrets of Dunzo | Dunzo Business Model

Dunzo got inspired by the popular Instagram influencer "Dude with Sign,"

Dunzo's business plan is flexible and adapts efficiently.

Dunzo also faced a lot of problems, which included budget problems, an ineffective mechanism due to staff taking longer to finish tasks

This startup aspires to become a notable e-commerce hub and strives to be a unicorn with a worth of $1 billion.

Indian Hyperlocal Delivery Startup that was founded in 2015 by Kabeer Biswas, Mukund Jha, Ankur Agarwal, and Dalvir Suri.

Ankur Aggarwal is the Co-Founder at Dunzo.

Kabeer was born in 1984. When he was only 19 years old, his father passed away, leaving him a considerable amount of wealth.