How To Win The Lottery: Secrets From A Powerball Winner

The Tennessee lottery was established in 2003 after years of debate among lawmakers. Prior to the lottery’s creation, Tennessee was one of the few states that did not have a lottery system. How To Win The Lottery

The push to create a lottery in Tennessee began in the 1990s, as some lawmakers saw it as a way to generate revenue for education without raising taxes. However, there was opposition from religious and conservative groups who viewed the lottery as an expansion of gambling.

In 2002, Governor Phil Bredesen made establishing a lottery one of his top priorities. He argued that a lottery would bring in $150 million per year for college scholarships and pre-kindergarten programs. Other advocates included Democratic lawmakers such as House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh.

After much debate, the Tennessee Education Lottery Implementation Law was passed in 2003. This bill authorized a lottery system under the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation (TELC). The TELC board members were appointed by the governor and confirmed by the legislature.

The Tennessee lottery officially began ticket sales on January 20, 2004. It was viewed as a major victory for Governor Bredesen and lottery advocates in providing a new revenue stream for education funding in the state. However, some groups continued to criticize the lottery as an inappropriate source of government funding.

How the Tennessee Lottery Works
The Tennessee Lottery offers a variety of lottery games for players to participate in. The most popular games include:

Scratch-Off Games
Scratch-off games, also known as instant win games, allow players to scratch off the ticket to reveal whether they’ve won a prize. Scratch-offs range in price from $1 to $25 and offer top prizes from $100 to over $1 million. New scratch-off games are introduced regularly to keep the selection fresh. As of 2022, there are around 50 different scratch-off games available in Tennessee.(readmore)