Telemetry Receiver | Digilogic Systems

Digilogic’s Telemetry receiver design is highly flexible and provides comprehensive link support for satellite and flight test ground station applications in a fully integrated package. Our telemetry receiver design features FPGA-based signal processing and software defined radio technology in the form of digital telemetry receivers, waveforms & signal processors.

A variety of configurations (Single, Dual) and waveforms (AM, FM, PM, BPSK, QPSK & SOQPSK) are available with standard data rates from 40 Mbps down to 100 kbps. It also supports Automatic Gain Control, AM Tracking, Diversity Combining, Equalization, Demodulation of PCM-FM & SOQPSK-TG, Bit Synchronization, Frame Synchronization, LDPC and Convolutional Decoding, and Telemetry Over IP (TMoIP) as per IRIG Standard.