The Importance of Regular Car Service

HALKON offers a one-stop solution for battery packs of Hybrid and Plugin Hybrid electric vehicles. We are a group of engineers having both theoretical knowledge and practical know-how of high voltage battery packs of Toyota Hybrids and Honda Hybrids. With a strong supply chain in Japan and China along with our expert engineers specializing in high-voltage battery systems and automotive drive trains, we are committed to providing you with reliable solutions for any issue with your Hybrid battery packs. Right now we are offering Battery State of health (SOH) measurement using our in-house developed application and test procedure. Depending on the test result, we offer several possible solutions that you can choose from. If you have to change your battery, you can choose to replace your battery pack with an Original brand new battery from Toyota or you can also choose to replace your battery with new battery modules from China. We also provide Hybrid Battery Reconditioning in Dhaka with our state-of-the-art test equipment. We believe that Hybrid and Electric vehicles will play a significant role in reducing emissions from the automotive sector in the coming years and our goal is to provide technical support for building infrastructure for promoting the use of Hybrids, Plugins, and Electric vehicles in Bangladesh.