Western Vocal Classes in Bangalore | Classical & Contemporary Training

At Rainbow Bridge, we encourage students to pursue music irrespective of whether it’s just another hobby or as a career option. Singing is an activity that everyone has tried their hand at – some of us behind the confines of a shower curtain and others before an audience on a stage!

Vocal training sessions at Rainbow Bridge have been designed for anyone who either wants to develop or further fine-tune their sound. Irrespective of your singing style, vocal training is the place to start and Rainbow Bridge offers tools for this vocal training via vocal assessment and personalised training.

Music theory & harmony,Timing & rhythm,Ear training,Vocal exercises & breathing techniques,Popular standards & melodies,Vocal range & techniques,Practice material & backing tracks

Music theory,Introduction to Jazz & styles – soloing and improvisation,Standards & melodies,Recording & composition,Scales & modes,Vocal range & techniques,Altered harmony,Artist identity
Practice material & backing tracks