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Acoustic Emission Testing | Digilogic Systems

Digilogic Systems' Acoustic Emission Acquisition & Analysis System represents a pinnacle of advanced technology in the realm of acoustic emission monitoring. Engineered with the latest innovations, this system offers a... Read More

Actuator Test Systems | Digilogic Systems

Digilogic's Actuator Test System uses advanced equipment including a Frequency Response Analyzer, Universal Waveform Generator, Data Acquisition System, Servo Control Unit, and Load cell test setup. The Actuator Test System is... Read More

Telemetry Receiver | Digilogic Systems

Digilogic’s Telemetry receiver design is highly flexible and provides comprehensive link support for satellite and flight test ground station applications in a fully integrated package. Our telemetry receiver design features... Read More

Data Acquisition System | Digilogic Systems

COTS, Modular Data Acquisition: Digilogic’s Modular Data Acquisition and Control System has a wide variety of modules available that support advanced signal conditioning, integrated data logging, bus monitoring, and multiple output... Read More

Cable Harness Tester | Digilogic Systems

Digilogic's Cable Harness Tester is a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the rigorous demands of wire harness manufacturers. With a focus on speed, accuracy, and user-friendliness, this tester leverages the... Read More